Scholarships in Romania Without IELTS 2022

Whoever you are, European or non-European citizen, deciding to study in Romania in particular, is the best choice you can make. There are many Scholarships in Romania without IELTS for international students. The Romanian government and the Romanian education system offer Bachelor, Master, and PhD Scholarships to international students. she cover all costs within the framework of the Romanian scholarships. Studying in Romania makes students grow a lot and quickly. Think of Romania as the best and easiest choice.

There is no application fee required to apply for Romanian Scholarship. There are more than a hundred public and private accredited higher education institutions in Romania. More than half a million students in public institutions are interested in studying various subjects of different degrees in Romanian universities.

Universities in Romania do not require an IELTS or TOEFL as an entrance exam. These Romanian scholarships are funded by various organizations, including the Romanian government as well as foreign ministries. The list of Romania Scholarships without IELTS as well as List of universities in Romania without IELTS is available below. Check out the list of Top scholarships in Romania.

Details on scholarships in Romania without IELTS

  • Country: Romania
  • Final level: Bachelor, master, doctorate
  • Financial security: Funded

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Universities in Romania without IELTS

Universities in Romania do not require IELTS or TOEFL as an entrance exam. You will be accepted as long as you meet the basic requirements from your home country.

  1. Timisoara Western University (public university)
  2. University of Bucharest
  3. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
  4. Bucharest Polytechnic University
  5. Bucharest Academy of Economics
  6. National Music University Bucharest
  7. National University of Arts Bucharest
  8. Babes Bolyai University
  9. Ovidius University
  10. Craiova University
  11. Galați University
  12. Petroșani University
  13. Politehnica University of Timisoara

List of scholarships to study in Romania without IELTS

Available academic fields:

Architecture, fine arts, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, political and administrative sciences, engineering sciences, educational sciences, social and human sciences, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine.

1 # Scholarships from the Romanian Government

The Romanian Government Scholarship is a Fully funded scholarship to study Bachelor, master, or PhD Degree programs at Romanian universities. All costs are fully covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. All participants of any nationality can apply.

2 # Scholarships offered by the Romanian state to foreign nationals through the MFA

The Romanian state offers many scholarships for foreign students to study in Romania. These scholarships are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. The scholarships are awarded to Undergraduate and postgraduate students in 3 study cycles.

  • Bachelor: 3-6 years
  • Master: 1.5, 2 years
  • Promotion: 3.4 years
  • For more information: visit here

3 # Scholarships for foreign nationals from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and the Business Environment

Every year the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment awards 40 scholarships to foreign nationals. These scholarships are used for programs taught in Romanian. made available Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.

4 # CEEPUS scholarship program

The Central European Exchange Program for University Studies awards scholarships to international students to study at the University of Bucharest and Politehnica University of Bucharest who participate in this program.

5 # Scholarships from the University of Bucharest

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Romania. The university offers scholarships Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels. These include academic merit scholarships, merit scholarships and special grants.

6 # Transilvania Academica Scholarships

Students accepted at the university for Full-time Bachelor, Master and PhD can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship is granted for the entire duration of the study.

Transilvania scholarship protection includes tuition, accommodation, and monthly allowance.

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