Scholarships in Dubai Without IELTS 2021

When it comes to the UAE we always think about it Dubai. Scholarships in Dubai without IELTS for international students interested in completing a degree Bachelor, Master and PhD courses. The universities in the UAE that offer scholarships and most of the universities in the United Arab Emirates have opened their applications. These Programs lead to a degree. All expenses are covered by the funding of the program. You can study in the UAE without an IELTS, but there is a process.

Six of the universities in the United Arab Emirates were named among the best universities in the world by the QS World Ranking. A wide range of academic fields of Computer & Information Science, Education, Engineering & Technology, Applied Communication, Health Sciences, and Business Administration. All of these courses are offered in English.

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Details on scholarships in Dubai without IELTS

  • Country: Abu Dhabi
  • Course level: Bachelor, Master & PhD, Doctor of Medicine
  • Financial security: Funded

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List of scholarships in Dubai

1 # Khalifa University Scholarship

Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates offers scholarships for Bachelor, master, PhD, Pre-Medicine Bridge program and doctor of medicine. The university is considered to be one of the best universities study in the United Arab Emirates. Khalifa University does not charge an application fee.

2 # United Arab Emirates University Scholarships

The United Arab Emirates Scholarship is a fully funded one Scholarships for international students Study full time Master & PhD. Graduated from UAEU University. University of the United Arab Emirates is a from the top public Uuniversities.

3 # Canadian Dubai Scholarship

Canadian University Dubai scholarship in the United Arab Emirates for the academic year 2021-22. Scholarship applications are open to all nationalities. A variety of academic fields are offered at the Canadian University Dubai.

4 # Abu Dhabi University Scholarships

Abu Dhabi University offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Abu Dhabi University aims to empower and inspire outstanding students to pursue their educational goals.

5 # Mohamed bin Zayed University Scholarship

MBZUAI is a leading university in Dubai offering Bachelor, Master and PhD scholarships. Full scholarship including 100% tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance and other benefits.

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How to study in Dubai without an IELTS

Studying without IELTS: There is an option to participate in the English programs in Germany without having to take an IELTS exam.

Provide an English proficiency certificate or Teaching aids (MOI) at the time of your admission.

  • The MOI is a certificate that your previous educational institution can issue showing that your medium of study was English. This shows your knowledge of the English language and Most universities in Germany accept this as a valid language certificate.
  • What do you have to do Only for submitting the English Language Proficiency Certificate. You need to let them know that your previous graduate school is in English.
  • English skills is an alternative if you decide to study at a university that does not use IELTS. Instead of submitting your IELTS results.

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List of other scholarships in Dubai

  • The Canadian University of Dubai awards scholarships for academic excellence
  • The UNESW Dubai campus offers scholarships for international students
  • Executive MBA Scholarships at Case Business School’s Dubai Campus
  • Murdoch University in Dubai offers a scholarship for academic excellence
  • Received an academic scholarship at the University of Wollongong, Dubai
  • Scholarships for undergraduate academics at UOWD, UAE
  • Merieux grants worldwide
  • Scholarships through the IRENA program at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
  • Murdoch University Dubai offers an international scholarship for academic excellence
  • Overseas students can apply to the UAE for teaching assistant positions

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