Scholarships in Belgium Without IELTS 2021

Yes sir. It is possible too Study in Belgium without IELTS. There is Scholarships in Belgium without IELTS for international students. Belgium is a European country. We also have a list of Belgium scholarships 2022-2023 to study Bachelor, master, and PhD Degree programs without IELTS. You can get a scholarship to study in Belgium for free if you are an international student. These school shops are financed by the Belgian government. The Belgium grants cover most of the costs.

Students find it easy to travel around the country or reach other major European cities. The great thing about Europe is that you can easily travel to other European countries. There are many Scholarships in Europe without IELTS. The aim of the Belgium Scholarship is to develop your skills. There are almost all academic fields and majors offered by Belgian universities.

Belgium has a strong focus on international students in order to receive the scholarship. Study in Belgium without IELTS. There is an alternative method that is very easy for any international student. Belgium bordered countries France, the Netherlands and Germany also provides Scholarships without IELTS such as scholarships in Germany without IELTS, scholarships in France without IELTS, scholarships in the Netherlands without IELTS. We have provided a list of Belgian universities without IELTS, as well as the list of scholarships in Belgium 2022-2023.

Scholarships in Belgium without IELTS

  • Scholarship country: Belgium
  • Final level: Bachelor, Master, PhD
  • Financial security: Fully funded

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List of universities without IELTS in Belgium

Study in Belgium without IELTS. There are some universities in Belgium where you can study without IELTS.

  1. Ghent University
  2. Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  3. Antwerp University
  4. ULiège
  5. Hasselt University

List of Belgian scholarships

Belgium offers fully funded scholarships to international students. This article will make it easy for you to choose the best scholarship program for your studies.

1 # Belgian government grants

The Belgian government offers Fully funded 220 scholarships Every year to international students. The scholarships are available for Masters and Short Courses in Belgium. If you are from a developing country, you are eligible for this scholarship.

This program covers full tuition fees, monthly allowance, housing costs, airline tickets, and other expenses.

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2 # VLIR-UOS scholarship program

VLIR-UOS is one of the best scholarship programs in Belgium. This program accepts 31 international students each year to study at the Flemish university or college.

The best thing about this scholarship is that this program covers a full tuition fee, monthly grant, housing costs, airline tickets, and other expenses.

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3 # ARES scholarship program

This scholarship program is ideal for students looking to complete a one-year specialization degree or 4- to 6-month advanced training in Belgium.

As part of this program, 150 international students are admitted to the master’s program and 70 foreigners are admitted to continuing education courses.

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4 # Master Mind Scholarship from the Flemish Government

The Flemish government also gives scholarships to international students. Master Mind Scholarship for foreign students who want to continue their Masters. This scholarship program accepts 30-40 international students each year.

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There are few other scholarships to study in Belgium for international students that are listed below.
  1. Belgian Development Agency (BTC) grants
  2. VLIR-UOS training and master’s scholarship
  3. CIUF-CUD scholarships
  4. Erasmus Mundus scholarship programs in Belgium
  5. Science @ Leuven Scholarships for International Students
  6. The IRO doctoral scholarship program at KU Leuven
  7. University of Leuven
  8. University of Liège scholarships for international students
  9. Belgian-American Education Foundation Scholarships
  10. Ghent University Masters Scholarships for students from developing countries
  11. Special research fund for doctoral students at Ghent University

How to study in Belgium without IELTS

The very easy and simple way and is accepted by Belgian universities to get exempt from the IELTS.

  1. You can study in Belgium for free and without an IELTS. If you have Earned your previous degree from the English Langauge Institute.
  2. Applicants can apply on behalf of the Certificate of English proficiency. Students are required to provide an official statement or certificate printed on letterhead as evidence that prior education was in English.

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