Scholarships in Austria Without IELTS 2021

Yes, that is possible. There is Scholarships in Austria without IELTS for international students to study Bachelor, master, and PhD Degree programs at Austrian universities. One of the good study opportunities in Austria. the Austrian government allows international students to study without IELTS. There are numerous other English proficiency certifications available for you. There is no doubt about the quality of education in Austria. We are here to advise you on studying in Austria.

Most universities in Austria offer you the opportunity to study in Austria without IELTS. Many people have written about the fact that international students can study in Austria without IELTS. All expenses are borne by the Austrian government. A wide range of subjects is offered in the fields of natural sciences, technical sciences, human medicine, health sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, humanities and art.

Austria is a country in Europe. Europe is always a pleasure to study. Studying in Europe is one of the best opportunities. Many Scholarships in Europe without IELTS are open. There are also fully funded scholarships in European countries. The detailed information on the scholarships without IELTS in the Republic of Austria and the university in Austria without IELTS can be found below.

Details on scholarships in Austria without IELTS

  • country: Austria
  • Course level: Short course, Bachelor, Master, PhD

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List of Austrian universities without IELTS

The list of universities in Austria without IELTS is given below. There are also other universities in Austria without IELTS. The best way to find out whether you can study in Austria without IELTS is to check the universities whose application requirements do not include an IELTS score.

  1. Module University, Vienna
  2. University of Vienna
  3. Graz University of Technology
  4. Johannes Kepler University
  5. University of Salzburg
  6. University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  7. University of Economy Vienna
  8. University of Innsbruck

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List of scholarships in Austria without IELTS

1 # Scholarships from the Austrian government

Austrian Government Scholarships 2022. The Austrian State Scholarship is valid for Bachelor, master, and PhD Degree program for studying in Austria universities. Austria is a member of the European Union. the Scholarship is funded from the Austrian Development Company.

2 # Institute of Science and Technology Austria scholarship

The IST scholarship is open to all international students from all over the world. The IST grant is a fully funded grant and covers the costs for the entire duration of the program.

The good thing about the IST scholarship is that Both Bachelor and Master students can apply for the IST PhD. scholarship

3 # Scholarship from Austrian Development Cooperation

All costs during studies in Austria are covered by AUSTRIAN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION. this Scholarship has 2 types eg scholarship for priority countries of ADC, scholarship for other developing countries.

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