IU University Scholarship 2022 and Work in Germany

Can be used anywhere. Shape your own future at the IU. IU guarantees high quality careers. With 94% of the graduates Job search within the first six months After completing your studies, we know that you can too. IU has world-class degrees in engineering and business that can boost your career prospects, including opportunities in data analysis, engineering, and computer science. Opportunities in data analysis, engineering and computer science. Some of our graduates have worked in companies such as Lufthansa, Amazon, Siemens and Vodafone.

As an international university that prides itself on inclusion, IU aims to offer education around the world. Hence, you have an accredited degree that is recognized everywhere. As Germany’s most popular private university with high quality teaching standards, you will be equipped with the skills to face any career you desire.

Because 90% of our students get a promotion at their workplace in the first three years with a 10% average salary increase per year, We know that you can be successful in any work environment and get into leadership positions faster than you could ever imagine. Do you need more persuasiveness? Just read more about the possibilities that are available to you at the IU!

What can IU offer you?

All the same how When you have decided to study, you are guaranteed a definite success.

As Germany Number one online university, you can learn from anywhere with the flexibility you need. Customizable exam times, the option to extend the course and the Freedom to study as you want are only some of the benefits you get with your online degree along with the same accreditation as a campus option.

With affordable options that suit you and a simple application process, studying has never been more flexible – all you need is WiFi!

Opt for our on-campus offers and gain fantastic intercultural and interpersonal experiences in Germany. Obtain practical learning in one of our two exciting locations, Bad-Honnef, a picturesque country town at the gates of Bonn, or Berlin, Germany’s flourishing capital.

We can assure you of this with an on-campus option a post-student work visa is available to you for up to 18 months after graduation – To give you the chance to gain first class work experience in some of the leading European companies.

In any case, you will acquire job-oriented skills, practical knowledge and insights and prepare for your dream job at IU!

Join our international university

At IU, we are honored to provide inclusive environments that provide everyone with access to brilliant education. That includes being fully accessible from anywhere in the world, Online studies that allow you to study regardless of your background, ability, age, gender, or lifestyle.

Full online support We are also at your side during the entire process with regard to career prospects, the module or even the choice of course, so that you can have the best study experience. With a huge international network of IU connecting students both on campus and online, You can start building your network right away.

Read more on our website and apply in a few minutes! To apply, please Visit the official website of the IU Germany University.

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