How I Studied in Canada Without IELTS in 2021

Good news. Canada has opened up a lot of opportunities receive Canada study visa without IELTS. I will tell you How I studied in Canada without IELTS by using these 2 ways to Study in Canada without an IELTS which is much easier than giving IELTS. This method applies to all international students studying Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. courses. In addition, these methods are acceptable and are offered by many Canadian universities. So yes, a wonderful opportunity study in Canada without IELTS and track your Bachelor, master and Ph.D. Degree.

But you have to read this full post for complete information and we have also provided a list of universities in Canada that accept IELTS without IELTS and offer more alternatives. This applies to admission to Canadian universities as well as scholarships in Canada for international students at the universities listed below.

There are many scholarships in Canada without an IELTS. So many excellent grants and opportunities Study and work in Canada. Now you can get to Canada without an IELTS by following these 2 routes. We have compiled a selection of Canadian Scholarships. Browse the list of Universities Without IELTS, Scholarships In Canada, And These 2 Ways To Study In Canada Without IELTS, Below.

2 ways I studied in Canada without an IELTS

  • Host country: Canada
  • Scholarship: Fully funded
  • Programs: B.Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. Courses.

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1 # English proficiency certificate (mostly acceptable)

I received my English Proficiency Language Certificate from my previous university or institute before applying for a Scholarship to study in Canada.

If you have a previous education in English. You will receive this letter from your college or university and you can apply for your study permit under this letter as English Requirements.

What you need to study to submit the English Language Proficiency Certificate. You need to let them know that your previous graduate school is in English.

2 # Complete English Language Course in Canada (offered by Canadian universities)

If you don’t have an IELTS or TOEFL or English Proficiency Certificate, you can apply for the ESL program (English as a second language) to get further education in Canada.

You can apply for this language course at the same Canadian university where you would like to continue your education.

the The duration of this program is 6 months. In simple terms, learn English in Canada, then you can continue your real education in Canada.

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List of Canadian universities that can apply without IELTS

Let me share with you the names of some Canadian universities that don’t require IELTS. These are the universities that you can apply to using either of the 2 ways above.

  1. University of Winnipeg
  2. Brock University
  3. University of Saskatchewan
  4. Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
  5. Cambrian University
  6. Okanagan College
  7. Concordia University
  8. Seneca College
  9. Carleton University
  10. Algoma University
  11. Brandon University
  12. University of Welfen
  13. McGill University

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List of scholarships in Canada

1 # University of Alberta Canada Scholarships

The University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada for 2022 is now open. The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 Canadian universities to offer full scholarships to international students in Canada To learn master Programs and Doctorate. Courses.

2 # Scholarships from Montréal University in Canada

Apply for Montreal University Canada Scholarships for the academic year 2022. the Scholarships from the Université de Montréal to the Bachelor, master, promotion, and Postdoc grants. Montreal University is the second largest university in the country in terms of students.

3 # University of Toronto scholarships in Canada

4,000 University of Toronto Scholarships in Canada is now open. The University of Toronto ranks # 1 in Canada to study Bachelor and graduate Toronto University degree programs.

4 # University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada

The Waterloo Scholarships in Canada for International Students to Study Bachelor, master, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. The University 9th place in Canada and the renowned university for international students.

5 # Queen’s University Canada Scholarships

Queen’s University Scholarships in Canada without IELTS to study Bachelor, master, and Ph.D. Courses. More than 2,940 international students made Queen’s University their educational goal in 2019.

6 # Concordia University Scholarships in Canada

The Concordia University Scholarships for International Students in Canada to study Bachelor, Masters, or a doctorate, diploma, or certificate Programs. A Luxurius Place to Study, a public research university and where the language course is in English.

7 # McGill University Scholarships in Canada

A full flagship Fully funded McCall MacBain Scholarship for your master’s and doctoral programs. McGill University is one of the leading universities in the world and is ranked # 31 in the global world Leaderboards 2021.

8 # University of Saskatchewan Canada Scholarships

The University of Saskatchewan Scholarships for Bachelor, graduate Degree courses are open. The University of Saskatchewan is a Canadian public research university founded on March 19, 1907 that offers a full range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

9 # University of Ottawa Scholarships

The uOttawa scholarships are available for study Bachelor, master, PhD, Microprograms, short programs, and graduate Diplomas. The University of Ottawa has the maximum number of scholarships Available for international students and Candia citizens.

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